Purifying Gel

Purifying Gel

Use it every day instead of liquid soap to clean your face, shoulders, neck, or instead of shaving gel. It contains natural ingredients and helps eliminate excess sebum and reduce inflammation. Recommended for sensitive, oily skin with impurities, in mild, moderate or severe acne.


Biopep 15® / 10% oligopeptide, Rtf1® / colostrum, Boswellia Serrata extract, honey extract, rice bran extract, glycerin, urea.

Instructions for Use

How: Apply twice a day, gently massage for a delicate foam, rinse.
When: Morning and Evening
Area: Face, neck, shoulders, body
How long: a minimum 3 to 6 months


Apply Pharmacore® Gel Treatment / Cream / Body Spray twice a day after cleaning and associate with the Pharmacore® Oral Supplement (sachets) to obtain the full benefits of IN/OUT therapy

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